CMDB Tool: Does the vendor offer ITIL and best-practices training as well as software training?

CMDB tools now add a visualization layer, but in many cases, charge extra for the feature.


To make information across your enterprise readily available requires your enterprise infrastructure that is managed as an integrated whole. A scoring system which took into account the severity of the problem, the nature of the system and the number of systems affected. The result is a common platform for normalizing task execution that is faster and more trustworthy, but there are yet other benefits to the CMDB effort.


In practice, service understanding requires CMDB data to be visible and accessible in different formats at difference times. A fundamental requirement of an effective CMDB or ITSM solution is the ability to populate it with comprehensive IT asset information from across the network. The CMDB can be a very powerful tool in helping meet various regulatory and governance requirements that affect the IT organization.


Rich CMDB data facilitates IT service management processes, including asset management and change management. Yet the majority of CMDB implementations fail and service desk operatives are often operating blind when it comes to the assets being used by staff. A configuration management database (CMDB) is an inventory of hardware and software assets.


The CMDB helps organizations better understand the IT environment in the areas of business service impact analysis, asset management, compliance, and configuration management.


The result is a CMDB with duplicated, dirty, and useless data that diminishes user satisfaction, decision quality, and productivity. It also allows a greater understanding of infrastructure, enabling strategic planning and moderation of risks. These testers keep up with the latest methods for ethical hacking and testing and are always evaluating new penetration testing tools.


However, when implementing a CMDB, practitioners encounter new information requirements and new technology. Configuration data is spread enterprise-wide, spanning multiple systems and sources, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Discuss and explain a planned approach for the design and implementation of the CMDB. A sound, well-built CMDB reflects the infrastructure and the relationships between its various components clearly.


Behind every successful CMDB deployment is a detailed configuration management plan for implementing, designing, and sustaining a configuration management capability. Track the performance of your CMDB as it tracks the performance of your technology, so that you never have to deal with a confusing debris of disconnected elements, floating within your complex IT environment. A CMDB tool will help you track configuration items, storing information about individual assets and their relationships to one another within a data warehouse.

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