IT Operational Level Agreement: Which are key ITIL characteristics that contribute to its success?

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Itil believes that other organizations should maintain a holistic attitude to behaviour, without focusing too much on specific areas of operations, which can lead to carelessness with other areas, where a distinction has been made between operational level and strategic issues there is deeper buy-in and engagement by senior officials.

Good Service

Service level management is the process of managing the quality of delivered information services in the face of changing business needs and customer requirements (most often laid out in a service level agreement between customers and supplier), key points for success include a strong service integration role, a long term partnership, carefully constructed service level agreements, and good communication between provider and customer.

Drive the long term and short term strategies in delivering against service level agreements to meet the needs of the business. As a rule, operational level agreements are created between functional IT groups in order to support the goals set by the service level agreement.

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