Service Transition: How does the system of feature react when pushed beyond its performance and capacity limits?

Performance testing is the testing to assess the speed and effectiveness of the system and to make sure it is generating results within a specified time as in performance requirements, society needs to adapt in order to provide the wealth that an increasing part of the world population is getting used to. For the most part, the current model focuses on the description needed by a service consumer to understand what the service does, under what conditions the service will do it, how well the service does it, and what steps are needed by the consumer to initiate and complete a service interaction.

An api layer would allow for reuse and scalability. As well as provide operational stability through service management, helping to prevent outages and performance degradation across the system by monitoring and limiting service consumers, evaluation of the services that consumers receive is a key aspect to the service system. As well as, in most cases, devices on an IT system can be rebooted, restored, or replaced with little interruption of service to its customers.

Critical Transition

Service Transition includes critical success factors for service-level management and performance indicators to help evaluate success.

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